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Product Data

IC-400 Industrial Crane
Rated Capacity Limiter Standard

Broderson IC-400-A
Broderson IC-400 Industrial Crane    

Capacity on Outriggers 50,000 lbs
Pick and Carry Capacity 24,400 lbs
Height 9 11"
Width 8 6"
Boom Rotation Continuous 360 Degree
Sheave Height up to 950"
Horizontal Reach up to 846"
4-Wheel Steer Standard
4-Wheel Drive Standard
Diesel Engine Standard
Tight Turning Radius  
Fully Hydraulic Controls for Smooth Precise Operations
Powershift Transmission
Independent Outrigger Controls
Currently producing 'A' Model

Capacity Chart Tech Spec
Dimensions Engineering Spec
Options Turning Spec
Crane Weights & Axle Loads Outrigger Load Tables
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